Slow baked and smoked

Last night I threw a little pot luck dinner and decided, once again, to experiment on my friends. We were fourteen people and it was an entirely gluten-free meal and mostly followed the Low FODMAPs diet that Will is following.
The main dish I made was sockeye salmon, slow roasted in my new smoker. It was amazing. I am very fortunate to have won a Bradley digital smoker at a fund-raiser, so the instructions will need to be changed to match your smoker.

Slow Baked Smoked Salmon

Salmon fillets (deboned)
Brown sugar (I prefer the darker Demerara Sugar)
Gluten-free soy sauce
Freshly grated ginger

Lay the salmon in glass tray in a single layer. Cover the salmon with about 1/4 inch of demerara  sugar packed down slightly. Sprinkle with soy sauce and finely grate fresh ginger over the fish. Let stand in the fridge for a couple hours more or less.
Remove the fillets to a rack, (the sugar will have melted into the soy sauce) and let them dry out slightly.
I pre-warmed the element the wood chips would be on, and then placed the salmon in the smoker on the racks. Cold smoke with mesquite smoke for an hour and then heat the smoker oven to 220F. Stop adding wood chips and let the salmon slow cook for 45 minutes.

Next time I am going with lemon, salt & pepper. I'll let you know how it goes!

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