the basics: Gluten Free Bread

since Will and I first started cooking and eating gluten-free, we have been searching for a bread substitute that doesn't taste like the box it came in. This recipe, modified after three years of experimentation, does all the things bread should do. It rises nicely, smells terrific and tastes delicious!

Really Good Bread

1 Tbsp yeast
1 Tbsp. sugar
1/2 cup water (105 - 115 degrees)

2 1/2 cups of gluten free bread flour mix (recipe below)
1 1/2 tsp salt

1 cup soy milk
2 tsp xanthum gum
2 eggs & 2 egg whites
2 Tbsp oil
1 tsp cider vinegar

Combine the yeast and sugar in a small bowl. Add the water while gently stirring. Let sit a few minutes while you mix the rest of the ingredients.

Combine the flour mix and salt in a large mixing bowl and stir well.

In another bowl, whisk the milk & xanthum gum, then add the eggs, oil and vinegar.

By now the yeast mixture should be frothy. Pour the two liquid mixtures into the flour mixture. Beat the dough with your mixer for a few minutes. It will be quite smooth.

Line a large bread pan with parchment paper and pour the dough in & smooth out the top with damp hands. Let rise in warm place for about 50 minutes. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees and cook the loaf of bread for about 50 - 60 minutes. After 20 minutes, if the top is browning too fast, cover with a bit of parchment paper.

The loaf is ready if it sounds hollow when you tap it on the bottom. Cool on rack. If you are not going to eat it within a few days, slice and freeze the bread. Do not refrigerate or it tastes stale right away.

What is your favourite way to serve gluten-free bread? My grandson likes me to make french toast with it. Best to toast it a bit before soaking in beaten egg with a sprinkling of nutmeg, and then sauteing until toasty.

Gluten Free Bread Flour Mix

4 cups corn starch
3 cups brown rice flour
2 cups light buckwheat flour
1 cup corn flour
1 cup sorghum flour
1 cup flax meal

Sift together and refrigerate or freeze. Use at room temperature.
Some substitutions are ok. One recipe I read said to use soy flour instead of garfava. Also the corn flour is best if you get the organic masa.

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