nasturtium seed capers

there is nothing like making things yourself that taste as good as ... or better than what you get in the store. "poor man's capers" are one of the pickles I make year after year... our guests love them.

Nasturtium Seed Capers

1 cup nasturtium seeds (still firm and green)
1 cup white wine vinegar
1 tsp pickling salt
5-8 green peppercorns (slightly crushed)
1 bay leaf

As you can see from the photo, if I have more seeds at that perfect stage where they are tender and green, I make more jars of capers. We'll eat them!
Rinse and drain the nasturtium seeds and blot them well on clean dish towel.
Pour the seeds into two 250 ml canning jars.
Bring the vinegar, salt & pepper, and bay leaf to a boil. Remove bay leaf and pour brine over the seeds. Seal and process for 10 minutes in hot water canner. Leave the jars for a couple months before you open them to mature the flavour.

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